Our Story

We Believe In Thailand

Some years ago it occurred to me that Jesus had modeled for us the best way to train labourers for the field.  Jesus found men, called them unto Himself where He was they might be also. Jesus taught those men by allowing them to journey with Him. He taught them about the Father and the principles of the Kingdom of God.

They learned by following, by hearing, by doing, and then by going out and calling others to follow as Christ had called them before.  We are about the business of training men that they might be faithful, mature, enduring workers for Christ all over Asia. We teach classes, we admonish, rally and sometimes rebuke, but always our guide is the Word of God and the urgency of the work for God.  

Our people have been brought to us from all over Thailand, they love the Lord and we love them and have owned the task of teaching and developing them to be the leaders and labourers the Asian vineyard needs.

Dr. Wayne Sehmish

Missionary To Thailand

Dr Wayne Sehmish was raised in a non-Christian home and received Christ as a teenager at a Gospel outreach that came to the government housing district where he lived.  He came to Thailand from Australia twelve years ago. Prior to coming, Dr Sehmish was the senior Pastor of the Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia.

During Dr Sehmish’s time there, the church rapidly grew in members and influence and became known regionally and throughout Asia as Australia’s most influential independent Baptist Church.  Dr Sehmish is known for his ability to preach simply and powerfully to the heart. His practical preaching has crossed cultural boundaries and helped many throughout the world.

He is frequently invited to preach in Australia, America and Asia, but has committed himself primarily to the furtherance of the Gospel in Thailand and the training of men for the Lord’s work there.  Dr Sehmish has won men both in Australia and in Thailand and has trained and taught those men to become fruitful successful leaders in their
own right.

Pastor Joe Khamsong

Pastor Of Nakhonsawan Baptist Church

Joe Khamsong came to Christ at age twenty, becoming the first Thai to be converted under the ministry of Dr Wayne Sehmish.  After initially refusing the Gospel and becoming hostile, over a period of two years God worked on Joe’s heart and he finally surrendered to Christ and has become a fruitful Thai Christian leader based in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand.  Joe is a preacher of the Gospel and has personally led dozens of Thais to Christ, and labours with Dr Sehmish in the teaching and training of those converts. Joe is married to Tai and has two children aged 8 and 10.