Our School

Win Men, Train Men,
Send Men

Some years ago it occurred to me that Jesus had modeled already for us the best way to train labourers for the field.  Jesus found men, called them unto Himself that where He was they might be also. Jesus taught those men by allowing them to journey with Him.  He taught them about the Father and the principles of the Kingdom of God. They learned by following, by hearing, by doing, and then by going out and calling others to follow as Christ had called them before. 

We are about the business of training men that they might be faithful, mature, enduring workers for Christ all over Asia. We teach classes, we admonish, rally and sometimes rebuke, but always our guide is the Word of God and the urgency of the work for God.  Our people have been brought to us from all over Thailand, they love the Lord and we love them and have owned the task of teaching and developing them to be the leaders and labourers the Asian vineyard needs.