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In God’s plan, Christians are to produce Christians and churches are to plant churches.  Dr Wayne Sehmish arrived in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand 8 years ago. Accompanied by his family and the family of Joe and Tai Khamsong, they made a home there and God birthed Nakhon Sawan Baptist Church.  Over the years, souls have been won for Christ and a local Baptist Church has been birthed.

Initially they met in a lounge room, then a rented hall, and have now moved onto their own land, built a modest church building, and are about the business of winning folks for Christ and teaching them how to be faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.  The plan is to build the facilities and train the people so the work of the Gospel perpetuates itself throughout Thailand, and labourers are trained to become mature, stable, fruitful workers for the Gospel.

Each November the church hosts a Spiritual Leadership Conference in Nakhon Sawan, and this has been attended by people from Australia, America and throughout Asia.  We are grateful for the support of those who seek to invest in a fruitful, faithful Bible ministry that has an emphasis on preaching the Gospel and teaching and training Thai nations in Thailand.

How To Go To Heaven

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