Missionary Letter August 2022

Many of us look at the conditions of the world we live in and cannot help but to conclude the hour of our Lord’s coming is indeed near. It is our prayer and determination to be caught doing the Lord’s work when that time comes. Many here in Thailand have not yet heard the Gospel and we continue to go forth to all we can whilst time remains.

We recently produced a new tract that has been very well received and has given us many opportunities to talk with people about Salvation. It is the culmination of having been here in Thailand fifteen years and understanding how Thais think and what matters to them. I have written this tract to use those things to gain entry to their heart and ears with this tract which clearly presents the Gospel in a clear way for Thai people. The tract title is called “You can have a better life”, and most Thais begin to read it immediately we give it to them. Please pray this tract will be used of God to get the message of the Gospel out. We intend to print as many as we can and distribute them all throughout Thailand.