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Welcome and thanks for your interest in what God is doing here in Thailand. About 95% of Thais are Buddhist, 3.5% Muslim and the remainder, various other religious groups. Thais generally are not hostile to the Gospel, it is just very few have ever heard it.

Over the years we have seen God save souls and change the lives and families of those who call out to Him. Not only do they gain assurance of Heaven through faith in Christ alone, but frequently experience renewed family relationships, abiding inner peace, and a purpose and provision for their lives they had found elusive before they put their faith in Christ.

Jesus is still the answer for the world today. It is true, people need the Lord. Only Jesus can take away our sins and restore us back into relationship with God. That is good news that needs to be told. We are committed unto the furtherance and propagation of that good news through the preaching of the Gospel.

In cities and towns, in villages and homes, in highways and hedges, we go out with that message of truth and hope. It is settled in our hearts already. We have no doubt of the need of the hour. We are willing so spend and be spent. We welcome your interest, your prayers and partnership in this cause.

Our School

Some years ago it occurred to me that Jesus had modeled for us the best way to train labourers for the field.  Jesus found men, called them unto Himself where He was they might be also. Jesus taught those men by allowing them to journey with Him.  He taught them about the Father and the principles of the Kingdom of God… Read More